Fantastic Flex

24 05 2009

flexbuilder32 Adobe Flex, software for the web developer with Adobe flash’s feature.

Flex is the way to make rich Internet applications (RIAs) quickly and easily.  Flex is a framework for creating RIAs based on Flash Player. Along with being a framework, Flex is also a new language. Flex use a MXML, a markup language based on Extensible Markup Language (XML), to build Graphic User Interface (GUI). Flex use an ActionScript to process a function of web. Flex is really easy and efficient to create applications, especially for a flash’s designer.

Flex is a set of user interface and other components that help developers perform the tasks they need to create applications. This is all available in the Flex Software Development Kit (SDK). The Flex SDK consists of a compiler, documentation tools, and an extensive library of UI components and utilities that greatly facilitate development. A Flex developer can simply type a button where they want it. Flex developers can use the SDK with just a text editor or via Flex Builder, the powerful development environment from Adobe.

There are many reason why we create an aplication based on web with adobe Flex. Flex makes it easy to create a high level of interactivity. It comes with support  for data binding, an excellent event architecture, and a set of components with great user feedback. Flex have an abillity to create beautiful effects and transitions quickly.Although you’ll have to pay for a copy of Flex Builder, the Flex framework is completely free. Therefore, if you so choose, you can edit your application in your favorite text editor and compile it on the command line without paying.

Flex is also open source. This helps you as a new developer learn, because you can study the code for the Flex framework. And this also means that Flex is yours. That’s right, you can modify and improve the code and submit it for inclusion in future versions.




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24 05 2009

may I have the tutorial? what kind of license does it have? ‘coz we can’t develop something legally if we don’t know that

24 05 2009
28 05 2009

Well, since Flex 3, the Flex SDK itself is an opensource. Only the IDE, Flex Builder, is commercial. We can develop Flex application with another free IDE such as FlashDevelop. Or, if you’re a hardcore programmer, you can just use Notepad to write the code and compile it using CommandPrompt 😀

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